Best Driving Habits to Keep Your Car Intact

Safe driving habits

Cars are expensive. They require a lot of time, resources and most of all money. There will come a time that you’ll eventually have to get something fixed or repaired on your car. But there are some ways to prolong that day. The simplest, yet one of the most efficient ways is to keep the […]

When Is It Time to Change Your Tires?

Man changing tires

When driving your vehicle, it can be easy to forget that your tires need to be changed. It’s like the classic saying goes – out of sight, out of mind. However, it’s important that you keep tabs on your tires, and know the signs of when they need to be changed. After all, the last […]

2017 Corvette Grand Sport

corvette grand sport

Chevrolet is reaching back to their racing roots with the fast, flashy 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. “Racing… has helped us build better, more capable cars” said Mark Reuss, Executive Vice President for Chevy’s global development branch. “The 2017 Grand Sport takes its track-bred technology to a new, exciting threshold.” Built in Michigan, the Chevy Corvette was intended to be a concept […]

The Perfect First Car

A teenager's first car.

So your child is finally that age. He or she just got her learners permit, and now it’s time to seriously think about getting them their first car. As a parent, it’s natural to be very picky in this situation. After all, you want to make sure that your child is driving a vehicle that […]

Car Tips for a Road Trip

road trip

Summer is here, which means it’s time to grab the family and take a long drive to some sunny vacation destination! Road trips are as much a part of summer as a burger is with cheese. However, if you don’t consistently take your car on long drives, you might end up finding some nasty problems […]

The Self-Driving Car: Why It’s Here To Stay

Self-driving car of the future

Driving. Something humans have been doing for decades. It gets us where we need to go, but is innovative technology changing the transportation game forever? Self-driving cars, while relatively new in production, can be a solution to many of the problems we face on the road today. With huge companies such as Google investing massively […]

Improve Your Gas Mileage with These Tips

Gas Mileage

Summer is here which means it’s the season of long road trips and relaxing drives. However, all that driving can mean a lot of gas being used. Gas isn’t cheap anymore, so you need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your gas mileage. Here are a few tips to make sure […]

Theft-Proof Your Car This Summer!

Theft-Proof Your Car

Automobile theft is an unfortunate fact of life. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a car is stolen every forty-five seconds in America. In the past stolen vehicles were stripped down and sold for parts, but part-marking laws have made that less profitable. Now thieves take cars to use for running drugs, smuggling, […]

A Spring Guide to Preventative Maintenance

An Ounce of Prevention

Albert Einstein once said, “Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.” That saying is true when it comes to your prized vehicle. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep from having unexpected repair bills. Part of that maintenance is remembering to do your seasonal head to toe checkup, so we’ve put together an easy Spring […]